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Elevate your lifestyle

and redefine luxury with personalized excellence.

Our Promise

An offering of highly individualized, one-on-one attention with a single point of contact for sophisticated individuals looking for bespoke concierge and lifestyle management services.

We believe that true luxury goes beyond material possessions. It is an experience that encompasses the finest services, personalized attention, and exclusive access to extraordinary opportunities.

Our Focus Areas

Member's Benefits

Embark on extraordinary journeys tailored to your preferences. Experience the world in unparalleled comfort and style with our partnerships with luxury hotels, private villas, and exclusive resorts.



Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with our Private Jets & Helicopters service. With flexible scheduling and VIP treatment, every aspect of your travel will be seamless and enjoyable. 



A single point of contact for your most exquisite needs.

Our dedicated butler service is at your disposal daily, ready to assist with any request, from securing the most coveted dining reservations to arranging bespoke travel itineraries.



  • Juggling a hectic schedule with unmet desires?

  • Beyond crafts seamless experiences, turning your time constraints into limitless opportunities for indulgence.

Limited Time, Unlimited Desires

  • Overwhelmed by a myriad of luxury choices and decisions?

  • Beyond simplifies the luxury landscape, offering curated selections and expert guidance for a stress-free journey into opulence.

Navigating the Luxury Maze

  • Struggling to secure reservations at elite establishments?

  • Beyond grants you exclusive access, ensuring coveted reservations and VIP treatment at the most sought-after venues

Exclusive Access, Elusive Reservations

  • Overwhelmed when navigating intricate travel plans?


  • Beyond simplifies your journey, ensuring every detail is effortlessly handled for an extraordinary travel experience.

Complex Travel Arrangements

Refined Journeys:

Answers to Luxury Challenges

We Plan, We Craft,
We Deliver


Our solutions are tailored for each individual or institution who is part of the Beyond Club. From the initial meeting our goal is to best understand your needs to ensure a thriving long-lasting relation where your wildest expectations are surpassed. 

Attention to Detail

Personalized Services

Extensive Availability

Preferential Quotes

Unparalleled Expertise

All-in-One Packages

What We Provide 

George Rotariu

"Extremely agile and adaptive on all bookings, the ultimate time-savers and great partners."

Cristina Batlan

"Efficient and hassle-free flight bookings, I adore that they always add frequent flyer numbers to all my bookings!"

Ciprian Iosep

"Exceptional service at every turn, truly attentive and personalised. Seamless Business class and resort bookings for my latest trip to Kenya."

Razvan Paraschiv

"Beyond has introduced me to the VIP services at the Bucharest airports and saved me from those tedious pre-boarding hours"


Craft your superior lifestyle

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